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NCCE 2023

Welcome to Borås and the Nordic Championships in Combined Events and the Swedish Combined Events Challenge 2023


We have the pleasure of inviting Combined Event Teams from the Nordic countries to the annual Nordic Championships in Combined Events in Borås, Sweden, 10th – 11th June 2023. This year the championships will be organized along with the Swedish Combined Events Challenge (SCEC), a World Atlethics Combined Events Bronze meeting.


See Invitation for more information for NCCE 2023


Time table


Team Manual NCCE (updated 7 June)


Startlist NCCE and SCEC 2023


Results NCCE and SCEC 2023 (go to NCCE in the list and click on the results button)


Please go to the Sweden Combined Events Challenge webpage for additional information related to SCEC 2023.


Implements for the competition are included in the implements document. If you want an implement that is not on this list you need to take that with you and take it to the implements check at least one hour before the start of the combined events.


This competition is following the World Athletics regulation of athletic shoes. Please remember to check that your shoes are on the approved shoe list. Go to World Athletics Technical Information and scroll to the section "Manuals & Guidelines". The approved list is updated on a regular basis (last updated 2 June 2023)


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